Tui Beer House Plumbing
Independent Cellar Services was the service provider that assisted the team at DB to bring their Tui "Plumb a guys house with Beer" advert to life.

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Tuatara Mobile Bar
When the guys from Tuatara came up with the crazy idea of turning a 1950’s Land Rover into a Mobile Bar, who did they turn to? Us. And two days later the vehicle was at an event in Matakana pouring eight different ice cold beers from the side of the vehicle.


Coolrooms V. Icebanks for Beer Dispense
The modern icebanks that are now available mean that we can deliver multiple tap options that were previously unattainable due to inherent restrictions in chilling from the icebank to the tap. These problems have been overcome and as a result we have the ability to deliver an icebank option instead of a coolroom. This can deliver significant capital investment savings.



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